This location has been permanently closed

To all our great Fins customers - Unfortunately, after 23 years we are sorry to say the last Fins located in La Jolla Village Square Shopping Center has been closed permanently. Due to rising costs it no longer made sense for us to stay open in this location, so we have chosen not to re-new our lease. We are currently looking for other possible locations, but we don't know where or when that will be, or even if it will be. It must make good business sense. We will maintain this website in order to give you any updates. In the last few days, you've told us many wonderful personal stories and memories you've had of Fins over the years, and we thank you for that. We also want to THANK YOU for all the years you made the conscious decision to spend your money here, and dine with us. We really, really APPRECIATED it! It was each one of you that made "Fins, a Mexican Eatery" one of San Diego's truly great local restaurants. We wish everyone the all best, and take care - From all of us at Fins

Welcome to our “Taco Shop with a healthy twist”

Fins Mexican Eatery has been Building a Better Fish Taco since 1989. We have taken our inspiration from all the great Baja Taco Shops, and have been serving San Diego's best Fish and Shrimp Tacos and frosty cervezas to a local following for over 2 decades! Fins is not a franchise. We're just a little-hole-in-the-wall place where you can kick-back and relax with good food, good friends and a beer or two.

Inside our kitchen

We make all our salsas, sauces and batters daily, season our chicken breast and 100% black angus steak, AND hand-batter each piece of fish, shrimp and lobster as you order - and yes, our lobster is real slipper-tail. We chop all our veggies daily, and use a famous family recipe for our rice and beans - no worries, no lard…only great taste.

Since day one, we have never changed our methods or compromised our quality ingredients, serving the highest quality meat and seafood and sourcing the freshest veggies and tortillas available. We still prepare everything we serve from scratch daily, with Fernando making fresh salsa and Marco and Rob manning our grill daily. Thanks guys!

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